How to Dress Like a Main Character for the Holidays

If I ever get recognized for a piece of unsolicited, overused and overshared, life advice it would be this, “Just act like your life is a movie and do whatever it is that you would root for in the main character.” Or. “Just buy it.”  I have been throwing those precious gold nuggets out freely, well before TikTok hijacked it and rebranded it as the narcissistic world view otherwise called “main character energy”. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have never seen a piece of film before - main character energy is essentially playing the leading role in your day to day life’s narrative. That would be in the excruciatingly mundane to the dramatically significant moments of your life. It's your movie. Of course you’ll be allotted one or two supporting roles by your side that add a layer of humor to all your poor life choices - lovingly. Add in a romantic interest and a friend-zoned work buddy against a fabulous backdrop (setting, scene, location?). How about…the holiday season? As for costume design, well. That’s where the real fun begins. Here are some of our favorite main character looks for you to adopt for all the memorable, and rewatchable holiday parties you’ll be featured in. 

1. Stop the Show in Sequins

Nothing says “It’s holiday season” quite like the sequin. When worn appropriately, it can be used as your secret weapon. These shiny little discs of joy can instantly elevate any outfit and make you the center of attention. Which is the whole point of being a main character after all. A tasteful sequined dress, (maybe in navy?) paired under the Katharine blazer (draped over shoulders) is just the way to create a positive electrical buzz around you in full monochrome. Keep the accessories on a low volume so they don’t compete with the loudness of the sequins. Whether you opt for a sequined dress, a sparkly top, or even a sequined blazer, you'll be shining brighter than the disco ball.

We also love a sequin # with our Donna and Katharine. 


2. Go Bold or Go Home

Forget about blending in with the crowd. That would be some side character error. This is your time to shine, so embrace bold and vibrant colors. Opt for a rich reds, dazzling green, deep caramels, or create a blue suit by pairing the Beverly pants with the Katharine blazer together with a silk blouse underneath, maybe a little more unbuttoned with a bit of lacy bralette peeking through - but only if you want your movie rating to be north of PG13. The higher the risk, the greater the reward and the more you’ll stand out. 

3. Accessorize Like An Oscar Winner 

 No outfit is complete without accessories. Adding some statement earrings that could double as chandeliers (for Sia, or you to swing on during the after party) a chunky gold necklace or a fabulous embellished brooch or clutch that will hold all your essentials (and maybe even a few compliments). Don't be afraid to go unnoticed and bold with your accessories. Leave the boring to the supporting actress.  



4. Confidence is Key 

Now that you've got your outfit on point, the most important thing to remember is to wear it with confidence. Strut into that party like you own the place, and maybe you’re hosting this year's first night of Chanukah so in which case, you do own the place. Mingle with the guests like you're the life of the party, and dance like nobody's watching (even if they are). Actually, especially if they are. Confidence is the ultimate accessory that will take your main character energy to the next level. We can already smell a sequel coming.

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