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In deciding what to name each of the pieces in the original collection, I was certain I wanted to pay homage to the different style icons that I felt in some way were indicative of each. For example, our Marilyn Skirt was named for Marilyn Monroe and her infamous accordion-pleated dress in The Seven Year Itch, and our shift dress was named after the Sixties model and Queen of a mod shift dress, Twiggy. While five out of the six are pretty household names, when it came down to naming our button-down, there was no question in my mind that it had to be named after my own personal style icon…my mom, Donna.

A button-down blouse has been her go-to for as long as I can remember. There is not an event I can recall where she didn’t have on some version of one— of course styled effortlessly and differently each and every time. She even wore one to my wedding.


I love that over the years I've kind of followed in my mom’s footsteps without even realizing it. She started her career as Art Director as well, and growing up I remember playing around with her colored pencils and the scratch-on letters she would use to create the text in an advertisement. As I type this, I can smell the rubber cement she would use for the print "mechanicals" (as she would call them.) Ironically, one accidental college course in graphic design (before I even knew what graphic design was) led me down that same path, just with different tools, and in a different decade. 

Not only is she a talented artist, she has been making clothes for herself since she was a teenager, and then of course, for me and my sister as well. Seeing her habitually creating one thing or another has definitely inspired me in ways I am not sure I can even put into words, but it undoubtedly planted the seed for my love of fashion and design, and ultimately led me to Classic Six. 

It's only fitting that every year we celebrate her and her namesake shirt on Mother's Day weekend, because if it wasn't for her, there may not even be a Classic Six!

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