Getting Out of Your Style Rut

You’re not alone. We have all been there. It’s actually how Classic Six materialized. Too many clothes, too many trends and too little inspiration. You’re in a fashion rut and don’t know how to get yourself out of it. Luckily you have us to rub your back in a there-there motion and give you some tips on how to pull yourself up by last season’s boot straps and find the joy in getting dressed again. It’s all about finding yourself and your style’s personal voice and it’s not as intimidating as you might initially think. 

The Discovery Phase
The first steps you should take when addressing your style rut is to be honest with yourself. What items and silhouettes look best on you? What pieces do you get complimented most on? How do you want to elevate your look? Experiment with different styles, lengths and textures that you may have been hesitant to try in the past. Look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest for classic styles to imitate. 

The Purge Phase
I’ll make it easy for you. Keep the essentials and donate or sell the trendy. Make a pile of your favorite and most flattering pants, tops and dresses and take notice of any shopping patterns you may observe. If it doesn’t fit or if you haven’t worn it since all of the Golden Girls were still alive, toss it. RIP. 

Fill in the Gaps phase
Sometimes all your wardrobe ends up needing is the perfect fitted navy blazer like the Katharine double breasted blazer or a go-to long sleeve mini dress like the Twiggy that’s perfect for office to special occasion. Don’t forget to change up your accessories to add interest to every outfit and invest in quality jewelry, scarves, hats and classically shaped purses. 

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