Feng Shui Fashion

If you have ever attempted to reconfigure your living space to change the energy and flow in your life then you’ve practiced Feng shui -  the ancient Chinese philosophy that is focused on harmonizing individuals with their environment. While it is often associated with a cocktail of higher forces, interior design, positive vibes and home décor - its intricate principles can also be applied to fashion and our own personal style. Here are some fun Feng tips next time you want to add a little more thoughtfulness and universal magnetism into your daily look.


The first rule sounds a bit obvious but it needs to be said. Always wear clothing that feels comfortable and fits well. Clothes that are too tight or too loose create feelings of discomfort and displacement. This rule also can be broken when it comes to shoes. If the shoes are that amazing it’s worth a blister or broken toe. I did read somewhere that pinky toes are pointless. Moving on! 

Wear colors that correspond with the feng shui element that you want to enhance. For example, wearing green can enhance the wood element, which is associated with growth and new beginnings. If you’re rocking the navy blue Katharine blazer you can expect to attract more abundance as blues are associated with water and movement. If you’re looking for love, think about adding a pink Twiggy into your outfit rotation. Pink is derived from the fire element and induces more romance and passion into your life. By incorporating these ancient principles into your fashion choices, you can create a sense of balance,  harmony and a little extra flair in your life.

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