Fashion Myths Officially Debunked

When it comes to school, school of life and the fashion industry - rules were made to be broken. Don’t wear white after Labor Day? We may have followed that ancient commandment at some point but now we laugh in the face while wearing full ivory monochrome lewk in the dead of winter. Fashion rules are often based on societal norms and personal opinions, and they can be restrictive,  limiting and lame. Here are some fashion “rules” that we insist you break - with a smile.  

"Don't mix prints." 
Pretty sure one of the first pilgrims made this up. Mixing prints, when done right, is quite literally one of the most creative and inspiring looks you can pull together. It is important though to keep the prints in the same color family and to vary the scale of the prints. Think plaid and stripes together like the Katharine Tartan Blazer with a Brenton top. 


"Don't wear denim on denim." 
Wearing denim on denim is a super chic and modern look. Especially since the emergence of Yellowstone. There’s a bit of a Beth Dutton in all of us it seems. The key is to vary the washes and textures of the denim. 


"Don't wear sneakers with dresses or skirts." 
This is an old one but some of us still need a gentle reminder. Sneakers  add a comfortable and casual element to a dress. It’s the perfect way to dress down an otherwise dressed up look when you’re running errands or grabbing lunch with friends.  It is important to choose sneakers that complement the dress and add to the overall look. Pair your favorite white sneakers like converse to the Marilyn skirt to achieve this effortless look. 




"Don't wear black and navy together." 
Black and navy can be paired together to create a sophisticated and chic look. Make sure to vary the textures and shades of the two colors when dressing together. For a night out, we suggest black leather pants with a white Tee and the navy Katharine blazer. A look so good you’ll be able to break a few more rules that night and get away with all of them. Wink, wink. 

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