A Presentation on Classic Donations

Whether you’re making space for fresh pieces or purging your closet of outdated and outgrown items, you might find yourself amongst piles of old flames that are yearning to be worn and loved by someone else. Just when the big spring clean ends, Thanksgiving comes Turkey trotting through the front door without knocking. They’re holding hands and there’s lipstick on both of their teeth. Besides the traditional family anxiety, the holiday season brings a slew of shopping deals and discounts - as if that helps. Emails blow your inbox up with time sensitive codes for an extra 25% off. More, more, more - they purr at you. But you know better by now. And so you toss another pair of jeans and three more blouses into the Giving Away pile. It’s nice to look good but it’s even nicer to do good. 

The process of donating clothes has come a long way. Thrift store brands and certain charities will literally come to your home and pick up the items, doing all the heavy lifting for you. So all you need to do is put unwanted items into a bag and hand it over.  Companies like The Real Real, Thred Up and Farfetch are more than happy to take your designers off your hands and into the arms of another. Think of it as being socially and environmentally responsible. 

If you’re not parting ways with labels, we suggest putting items together for local organizations like Goodwill. By doing this, you’re not only providing people in your community affordable clothing (especially outerwear in the colder months) but also preventing waste. Even if it’s just a little. In the event when Goodwill can’t sell donated clothing, they will recycle or up-cycle it instead of sending it to a landfill. Such a good way to create good karma too. Speaking of recycling - we are big fans are re-wearing quality items in different ways. Even if you’re not able to donate this year, recycling last year’s Thanksgiving outfit into this year but with a twist. If you wore Twiggy last year and really want to wear her again, throw the Katharine over your shoulders, cinch your waist with a belt and pair it with over the knee boots. Now it’s a totally different look!

You’re making an impact. Happy Giving xx  

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