We are Fully Embracing the Pilgrim Era

In the latitude of the fashion-scape where trends ebb and flow with the seasons, there has been one particular style that has voyaged across seas, survived new worlds and thrived in every generation. It is an aesthetic that is rooted in simplicity, humility and has stood the ultimate test of time. Four hundred years to be exact. I’m of course speaking about Pilgrims - the OG’s of Black on Black - East Coast Chic, the Monochromatic Qualitarian Mamas. Be it the holiday season or the wave of less is more and the quiet luxury that has captivated all of us, I present you with my late-night-thoughts theory on how we, us, today are in our Pilgrim era. Here me out. 

When they say history repeats itself they are referring to fashion. What’s cool today is (thankfully) gone tomorrow but you can take it to the bank that styles beholden to a generation are sure to boomerang back around in ten or so years. Back in the day, the Jacobean era in England was dominated by fashion frills - quite literally. Women’s fashion was.. how do I say this..well, they were extra. The 1600s are known for its tightly boned bodices, enormous skirts and frilly, foofy ornamentation. The Pilgrims took one look at the collection and said, “Nah”. (Think of Jacobean as the early 2000’s where Ed Hardy was king and rhinestones were seen worth more than diamonds.) Like the Pilgrims, the wiser of today can look past the smoke and mirrors of fast fashion and opt for a wardrobe that’s built on quality material and fits to grow with. 

The chic (yes I said chic)  Pilgrim embodies a quiet confidence that speaks volumes though its understatement is far removed from the opulence often associated with trends. It is precisely this simplicity that renders a coolness in our modern context. Being in Pilgrim era is embodying the concept of "less is more," a philosophy that aligns with the ethos of quiet luxury – an appreciation for the finer things in life without the need to say “Look at MeEeEe” but still saying, “Look at me.” It embraces authenticity, craftsmanship and rejects excess. In a time marked by fast fashion and conspicuous consumption, the understated elegance of Pilgrim attire serves as a refreshing departure - like getting on a ship and creating a whole new identity, kind of departure. Maybe just start with cleaning out your wardrobe and treating yourself to a few Classic Six pieces. May we suggest Twiggy? She was quite the pioneer. ;)

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