It's All In The Details

The greatest accounts of love are always the ones where all the little details become the hero of the story. It’s the accidental meet cute when your Uber ride didn’t show up and you had to end up walking. It’s the cousin of the best friend’s former roommate that made the introduction at a Fourth of July party. Or - it’s the late night hours spent sketching the inlay of the Donna button down shirt where the perfectly placed grosgrain detail would live like jewelry for your shirt forever. Here are three Classic love stories that will sweep you off your 8 inch heels - all told by our favorite leading ladies. 

Donna’s love story 

Determined to remaster the classic white button down that wasn’t too boxy or too slim, the Donna was created with a Goldilocks fit in mind. Button placement was top billing during her first sketches. With Donna, you’ll never be giving free peep shows of your bra like ever again, unless you want to, of course. We will never say no to a hint of lace. 


Katharine’s  love story 

The creation of Katharine could be summed up into two words. Never Settle. That goes for romantic relationships, job offers and of course - double breasted blazers. It’s not just the perfect fit of Katharine that makes her one of the most beloved pieces in a wardrobe, but all the little thoughtful details like contrasted ivory piping and undercollar, a touch of grosgrain in the back flap and antique gold buttons. 


Brigitte’s love story 

The perfect sweater does not exi— until Brigitte enters the chat. She’s the perfect combination of chic, cozy and functionality with her seasonless chunky waffle knit material that could be worn off the shoulder or even backwards. Throw her over your shoulders like a shawl to elevate any look. You reach for her day after day because she enhances without effort. Now that’s love. 


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