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People often say to me, “Wow, you travel a lot. Aren't you starting another business?" Almost as if to say that because I'm starting another business, I should be chained to my desk. And the honest truth is, it eventually got to me. I allowed the judgement of others to foster this massive feeling of guilt and stress at even just the idea of being anywhere away from my office, let alone on a trip. Have you ever let something like this happen to you? I began trying to justify my reasoning for it. When people would ask, I would go on to say, “Yes, but don’t worry, I'll be bringing my computer,” or "Yes, but only for a few days." It was always said with an intention to prove to them, and myself, that I wasn’t just picking up and leaving my businesses for a week. And then, on this past trip, I had a revelation.Classic Six | Palm Springs L'Horizon Resort and SpaI was in Palm Springs, the land of quintessential classic Hollywood glamour. The playground of the Golden Era. A place that epitomizes everything I want to bring back to life with Classic Six. I was sitting by the pool at this gorgeous resort of bungalows once owned by a famous Hollywood producer, looking at the desert mountains in the distance, feeling like I was glued on to a Slim Aarons photograph, and ideas for everything I want Classic Six to be were slapping me in the face left and right. I sat down with my computer under the palm tress, surrounded by cactuses, and the visions just poured out of me. Classic Six | Slim AaronsI realized in that moment, more clearly than ever, that the one thing I was stressing about was probably the most important and necessary thing I can do for my business. Seeking the beauty of different parts of the world, being in nature, or even just in a new and inspiring place is paramount. Taking the time away from the hustle and bustle of New York City to reflect and regroup is essentially when my mind is at its best work. 

I took a vow that day. The next time someone says to me, "You are going away, again?" I am NOT going to say, "Yes. I know. I have so much to do…I shouldn’t be going anywhere right now.” Instead, I am going to say. "Yes. Travel is part of my job." Classic Six | Joshua Tree | Diana LoMonacoI have been writing small bits of my entrepreneurial musings since I started this journey, and I want to preface that I am in no way making any proclamations. I don’t even consider myself far enough in the trenches of it all to give entrepreneurial advice, but here it is, in real time, as it’s happening. So…for my tip of the day, I want to say this...

Yes, starting a new business is exhausting and stressful, and you will definitely need to make sacrifices when it comes to how you spend time away from your desk, but for those of you out there who have the opportunity to travel and don't because "you shouldn’t,” I will now say with all the confidence in the world that it is probably the worst mistake you can make for yourself, your life, and your business. You can’t create in a bubble. You can’t be inspired sitting at your desk 18 hours a day. Trust me. Get out there. Feel and see. Smell and taste. Use every sense. Explore. Explore it all. I am certain that your creativity and your business will thank you later.

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