The Definition of Stealth Wealth According to Us - the Experts

Ever since Sofia Richie said her I Do’s in the south of France this season we can’t stop coming up with a new slew of our own Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to style and the evolution of the conservative aesthetic. The words "Quiet luxury" are popping up everywhere as we seem to be opting for more of a classic, Jackie O version of ourselves. There’s an old saying that goes “Money talks but wealth whispers.” It’s the tortoise sunglasses, a crisp white button down and a pair of vintage Levi’s. It's the well-loved baseball cap worn with a navy blazer slung off the shoulders. The antithesis of stealth wealth is easy to spot as you will find designer signage on every inch of her. 

Two words to describe the new fashion era. Stealth Wealth - a term used to describe individuals who may have significant wealth but choose not to display or flaunt it openly. It refers to a lifestyle where individuals maintain a low-key and modest approach despite their likely bottomless checking accounts. They can be spotted avoiding extravagant displays of affluence or conspicuous consumption. The concept of stealth wealth is based on the idea that true financial security and contentment come from personal values, experiences, personal growth, education and relationships rather than material possessions. That all said, it's not about hiding wealth or being deceptive, it's simply about opting for an understated and mindful approach to a lifestyle that is both meaningful and authentic. That is after all true wealth. 

There are several reasons why someone might choose to adopt a quiet luxury lifestyle. Some individuals value privacy and prefer not to attract attention or unwanted solicitations. Others may wish to instill humility and grounded values in themselves and their families, recognizing that excessive wealth can have negative effects on character and relationships. Additionally, some individuals may want to avoid the pressures and expectations that can come with visible wealth, preferring to live life on their own terms rather than conforming to societal norms. Or dressing like it. Either way, Classic Six is here for this new wave. 

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