Redefine Your Winter Rut

Guys, we almost made it. Just a few more weeks. I personally am so proud of you. Yes, it’s that time– March, where it feels customary to repeat thoughtless outfits repetitiously while manically hitting the refresh button on your browser over and over again to see if the Spring/Summer look books have dropped yet. Coats, scarves, and boots dominate our closets, leaving little room for experimentation. We become creatures of habit, reaching for the same piece’s day after day. Over time, our daily looks can somehow translate into a uniform, devoid of the individuality and expression that we want to showcase to the world. Sure, the cold weather definitely has an impact on how we dress, but for some of us, our fashionable imaginations have frozen over sometime after New Year’s Eve and we need something good to thaw it out that doesn’t include poolside sarongs and rattan handbags. We need to relearn how to wear what we already own. Here are a few ways to creatively break free of late winter fashion ruts. 
Embracing color during the brisk end of winter is a surefire way to manifest an early bloom all the while breathing some life into your looks. As winter comes to an end, start incorporating brighter hues into your outfits little by little. A pop here and a pop there really makes a big impact not only on your outfit palette but mood. Opt for pastels or bold, vibrant shades that reflect the approaching warm season. The Donna button-down in pink stripe is a perfect way to create a bit of playfulness and warmth during the last winter stretch while remaining season-less. And if it's not in your actual clothing, make it happen with your accessories like a great colored boot, or fun tights. 

Experiment with layers. Instead of relying on heavy coats and scarves, try layering lightweight pieces. Mix and match different textures and fabrics to create interesting combinations. The Cary sweater offers just the right amount of weight to keep you cozy and maintain a fresh look. We also love draping the arms of the sweater or tying them together over your trench coat to create a buildable and chic ensemble. The arms create a scarf-like accessory that feels fun and innovative. 

Accessories are the key to transforming any outfit. Add statement jewelry, a colorful handbag, or a stylish hat to elevate your look. These small details can make a big impact and inject a sense of freshness into your style. Need some inspo? Head over to our Accessories Marketplace for all the accessories that we used in our recent Fall/Winter look book. Get em’ while they’re still hot! Or cold? IDK.

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