A Classic take on LSD - a fashion legend

Lauren Santo Domingo stands as a paragon of contemporary elegance, oscillating between classic silhouettes and avant-garde flair. As a co-founder of Moda Operandi, she has revolutionized the way we approach luxury fashion, bridging the gap between haute couture and the digital sphere in which we feast our eyes, imaginations and add-to-carts. Her keen eye for emerging talents and penchant for daring ensembles have earned her acclaim as a master tastemaker and she has left an already indelible mark with her unwavering commitment to style. 

One cannot discuss Lauren's style without acknowledging her innate ability to exude effortless glamour. Whether she graces the red carpet in a sweeping gown or struts through the streets of Manhattan in tailored separates, her aesthetic remains consistently polished yet refreshingly uncontrived. And that’s always the goal, or should be the goal when approaching your closet. With an enviable wardrobe that seamlessly transitions from day to night, she epitomizes the notion of "effortless chic.

Lauren Santo Domingo's fashion repertoire is a testament to the power of versatility. From sleek power suits to ethereal evening-wear, she fearlessly embraces a diverse array of styles, all while maintaining an unmistakable sense of sophistication. Her ability to seamlessly blend high and low fashion serves as a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts worldwide, proving that true style knows no bounds.

It just so happens that her fearless enthusiasm for style goes hand in hand with her experimentation. One of the most alluring aspects of Lauren's fashion philosophy is her willingness to embrace the unexpected. Whether she's experimenting with bold prints, unexpected color combinations, or unconventional accessories, she approaches each ensemble with a sense of fearlessness and whimsy. Her penchant for sartorial risk-taking serves as a reminder that fashion should be fun, daring, and above all, personal. LSD Cheat Sheet:

Katharine blazer - oversized!

Donna blouse

Quality leather jacket

Gold ring (make it a cool, signature one)

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