December 9, 2019 // About 2 months ago (wow, crazy how time flies), I shot the lookbook for our Spring collection, which I am SO happy to finally be able to share with you. That Friday, I was on such a high from the success of the shoot, I went out to my family's house on Long Island for a much-needed weekend of relaxing. My mom and I were sitting out on the back porch talking about the shoot and what exactly I was doing with these images. When I started to tell her about the pre-sale, I was explaining that I really wanted to offer a special gift for the people that would be willing to support this brand knowing that they are paying for a product they would not immediately be getting.

We started brainstorming...

What could I offer you while you wait for the actual product? I want a unique 'thank you' for trusting in us. It needs to be something completely fabulous!

And that's when it hit me. Fashion illustrations! Of the entire collection! We can offer beautiful limited-edition illustrations. 

With that, my mom said, "What if you did illustrations on a scarf?" And I immediately thought  ‘Oh my God. We could create a silk twilly with the illustrations of the entire collection. It's perfect. A wearable reminder of all the ways you can style the collection right on our wrists!' 

I only had about a month and a half to get this done. Could we pull it off? 

Obviously I was going to commission my mom to do the illustrations. I didn’t have to beg. She was totally on board- always willing to help me with my schemes.

To work she went. I sent her all of my selects from the shoot and two weeks later she produced 25 of the most special and gorgeous fashion illustrations I ever did see. 

From there, I laid out the design of our scarf and sent to a digital fabric printer here in NYC that I found by total mistake when taking an elevator to a meeting and getting off at the wrong floor!  And just like that, we had yards of silk twill adorned with these beautiful illustrations of the collection. Talk about special. 

I’ve written about my mom before in this article. Among the many dresses she has made for me over the years, she also made my wedding gown. The process of designing my gown was actually a major catalyst for me in starting this brand. It was truly a vision that came to life, and a feeling I needed to continue to replicate. 

Her talents go far beyond sewing. She is the most creative and truly gifted person I've ever known. Before I was born, she was an Art Director for an advertising agency called SSC&B. Back in the 80’s everything was done by hand; hand-drawn; adhered with glue; using scratch on letters. Growing up, I was always in awe.  It's fascinating now to think about the amount of skill required then to do what I do today using a computer.  Years later, she is still at it, taking ideas to paper and making visions a reality. 

I love this illustration above that she did about 6 months before I was born. I remember her white drafting table, and even the lamp that attached to the side. It makes me so happy that we are now creating together.  I guess we are living proof that in the advertising business, and now fashion business, two heads ARE better than one. ;)