Please note: The below are garment measurements. We have found using these garment measurements instead of estimating your measurements have made sizing more accurate. 

We have generally recommended taking a shirt, jacket/coat, sweater, or skirt that you currently own and fits well (this doesn't have to be exact) and compare those measurements to the ones below.

If you need any additional help in estimating size, please contact us at


Katharine Blazer Size Guide

*The Katharine blazer is meant to be double breasted but slim. It is the most tailored fit in the collection. These measurements are based on the garment when buttoned.


Twiggy Shift Dress Size Guide

*The Twiggy shift dress is designed to be mini. The shoulders will have a more tailored fit and the skirt will fit looser and stand away from the body.


Marilyn Skirt Size Guide

*The Marilyn skirt is designed to be a midi length. We like the skirt length to hit right above the slimmest part of your ankle and just below your calf for the most elongating effect. It may need to be hemmed depending on your height. The waist measurement is most important here. Decide where along your waistline you want the skirt to sit and measure accordingly.


Donna Shirt Size Guide

*The Donna shirt is meant to have a relaxed fit and drop shoulders. The sleeve length will be long and can be cuffed up.


Jackie Coat Size Guide

*The Jackie coat is designed to be a duster and is not meant to completely close in the front. We have designed without buttons and instead camouflaged belt loops for a belted styling option.


Brigitte Sweater Size Guide

*The Brigitte sweater will fit relaxed and slouchy. The sleeves will be extra long and the neck will be wide. We have designed little snaps at the shoulder to clip to your bra to prevent sliding.